Ethical Basis of Laws Protecting Farm Animals: A Comparative Study


Shahrnaz Falsafi*

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2022   |   Download pdf


Farm Animals are sentient living beings with emotional complexities The question is that: Are they entitled to have rights? Animal rights advocates believe that animals should be free to live as they wish, without being used or exploited by humans. In this Article we study India and England as samples of advanced legal systems which protect Farm animals. The Philosophical argument in this Article is that: Is it ethical to eat animals? Humans have the ability to make ethical, humane choices to reduce suffer of helpless Animals on earth.

Keywords: Farm Animals Rights, Animal Welfare, Compassion, Cruelty, Legislation, Factory Farms.


International Journal of New Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences /Vol.1/No.1/ 2022/1-10